Locked-down but not out!

I am here for Zoom Consultations-

Whist real-life facials will have to take a back seat for the moment, I am still here for One-To-One FaceTime?/Zoom or phone consultations. Just email me or you can book a time slot by selecting Skin Consultation through my online booking system.This is a great opportunity to update your skincare routine, make adjustments to meet your skins current needs during this lockdown period and also get answers, tips and generally pick my brain on all things skin.There is a small charge of £35 for this and after which, I will add all my notes, tips and recommendations onto a digital prescription pad where you will have ongoing access to, so you can re read, purchase anything, or request additional updates.

Great news…Your Environ, AlumierMD and Hydropeptide skincare can be posted to you! 

  1. AlumierMd skincare can be ordered as normal directly through my private portal link here!. If you have ordered through this before and you would like me to “update your AlumierMD prescription pad”, just message me and I can do that for you, so that when you login, you can see my product recommendations.
  2. Environ skincare can now be ordered through me and posted directly to you during the lockdown period. Simply email or text me your order with your full name, postal address, email and contact number and I will sort that for you. Again, if you need to confirm anything for example, what level AVST you should be on or any other quick questions, just ask at the time of order.
  3. Hydropeptide– As above, just email or message your order and I will process that for you!
  4. Epionse- As above

And finally…..

If you are missing your treatments with me (hope that’s a YES!) and fancy taking advantage of a very juicy offer…you can Buy a digital gift card here 

Any amount bought over £50, there is a 5% discount..so it’s a great way to just add or build up an in-salon/store credit at a discounted rate. It can also be used towards Zoom Consults during the lockdown. YAY!

I will be posting some skin tips on Instagram…so come join my instagram page now.

Stay in touch, stay safe…chin-up xx