At a time when we are all having major house clear-outs, Let’s take the opportunity to sort out that cosmetics junkyard?

Yeah, you know what I mean, all those products festering in bathroom draws and cosmetics bags, you used some for a bit..then you stopped using.Maybe they itched a bit, or just didn’t work but you couldn’t bare to throw them away because it was an expensive purchase, or a gift from a friend. Well we all do it, but we can’t go on hoarding these items…time to get real.

Now while i’d love you to bring all those little treasures (unused skincare products) in with you for a face to face consultation…that’s just not going to happen anytime soon so why not book in for a Video (Zoom or FaceTime) consultation where we can have a really good look at what you are using and an even closer ‘virtual’ look at all your current ‘ignored’ shelved items…let’s see what needs to be binned and what can be kept and more importantly what gaps or holes that presents in your skincare routine.

I have always felt it’s much better to have fewer products with clinically proven ingredients than items we have bought due to internet hype.

When it comes to staying in contact with your skincare professional (That’s me!) Zoom chat is the only way, so please don’t be camera shy, I would rather you didn’t put any makeup on, as that’s the best way for me to see your skin. We can also come up with a good in-salon plan of how we can get your facials back on track as having a gap (assuming you have had regular facials before) means we will have to make adjustments initially to keep your skin happy with the transition….or if you haven’t had one before, it will be a similar approach!

To book, just use the button link below!

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