What’s getting under your skin? Is your mind the real skin problem.

If it isn’t hard enough to cobble together a skin care routine morning and night, a weekly exfoliation, a mask, a facial perhaps, a face wax, brows…take your daily vitamins..a few juice shots and all to get that illusive glow..but apparently, our mind may be playing tricks on our skin and according to Grazia Magazine’s recent article, we may need psychodermatology  to support the mind-skin connection…and in some clinics, you will actually be able to book in for this.

So there have been a few studies of late which reinforce the theory that for some skin conditions, it really is mind over matter.

One study in California State university, students were given music samples to listen to, one triggering negative emotions and the other positive emotions. The study showed that those listening to positive music led to significant increases in skin temperature, whereas negative music did the opposite.

Another study (in Denmark) researchers pricked subjects’ skin with a known allergen and then used hypnosis to induce emotions of sadness, anger and happiness. The subjects who were sad became significantly more reactive to the allergen.

This certainly seems to suggest that if you have a skin condition such as Acne or eczema that they could be worsened depending on your mind-set and stress level.

But wait, haven’t we always known about this? It’s really no surprise that you get that annoying ginormous spot the day before a work presentation? or why that brides skin is positively glowing?

In short, anything that’s going on in that head of yours could have a direct impact on your skin.

Breakouts, as mentioned previously, can be linked to stress, and the more stressed you are, the more cortisol is released in your body.When cortisol levels are high, it triggers the skins sebum production, clogging the pores, encouraging acne-causing bacteria and hey presto, the unwanted guest aka Mr spot (or Mrs)

All those inflammatory skin conditions like Rosacea, psoriasis and Eczema have a very clear link to mood..in fact, more specifically, it is commonly agreed that there is a strong link to stress, anxiety and depression….and, if you care about ageing, sustained, high cortisol levels and inflammation means accelerated ageing people!!

Okay, so i’m not going to give any lessons in psychology, although don’t underestimate the power of having a skin therapist with good knowledge of the skin, body and how it all works. The power of talking to a professional about your skin concerns (however small) The power of “You time”, of relaxation, of putting your concerns first and letting someone else help, in a peaceful, beautiful room..

When you book in for a facial,the time is yours, have a nap, have a chat and enjoy!

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