Dermapen 4™ Micro-needling

Dermapen 4™ Micro-needling

Dermapen 4™ Micro-needling

The Dermapen 4™

Dermapen 4™ is the most advanced FDA-approved micro-needling device on the market which rejuvenates the skin using a one-use only sterile, spring loaded cartridge containing 16 fine Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle technology (AOVN) to fractionally and precisely puncture the skin in rapid succession, creating thousands of micro injuries.

This process releases growth factors which triggers your skins own collagen production.

Results can be seen as early as 10 days post treatment, however, for most people, results are seen within 6 to 8 weeks and continued improvements up to 1 year after your first treatment.

The depth and the speed of the cartridge needles can be controlled and altered at the touch of a button, making  The Dermapen 4™ a safer, comfortable and more effective alternative to laser resurfacing treatments but without the side effects and downtime.

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For even better results read our pre-treatment guide here and our post-treatment guide here.

The Dermapen 4™ Face & Neck

(Add chest for £35)

75 min £225

This includes a Dp Dermaceuticals ÜBER peel (for advanced protocols only) a triple-weighted hyaluronic acid and peptide mask and DermaLux NIR LED.

Read our pre-treatment guide here and post-treatment guide here.

The Dermapen 4™ Intense Hydrate Face, Neck & Chest

45 min £180

For face, neck & chest. A light/superficial pass of the Dermapen 4™ focussing more on the specially selected Meso-infusion cocktails of Hyaluronic acid, copper peptides and Vitamins to plump and hydrate your skin followed by the Triple-weighted hyaluronic acid peptide mask.

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Rosacea
  • Large pores & Blackheads
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Trauma scars
  • Sun damage
  • Smokers lines around the mouth
  • Hyper & Hypo-pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Collagen induction therapy
  • Alopecia
  • Most Skin colours

The Dermapen 4™ needling only takes 8-12 mins, however this is a deluxe treatment so the appointment time allocates 75 mins. (If it’s your first treatment, we allow an additional 15 mins for consultation and consent forms).

We ask that you arrive with no makeup (please do not apply any type of eye makeup before arriving). After your skin is cleansed and sterilised, a cocktail of specially chosen meso-infusions of active serums to target your main skin concerns are mixed and applied to the skin during your treatment to intensify the results.

A one-use only sterile cartridge is opened and attached to the Dermapen 4™ device. After your micro-needling (which takes about 8/12 mins depending on which areas we are treating) a copper peptide and triple-weighted hyaluronic acid sterile cloth mask is applied to the skin and cooling cry-balls are massaged over the top.

The Dermalux NIR light is then applied for 10/15 mins. Your skin is finished with a specially chosen healing cream and a medical-grade concealing sunscreen which will make the skin feel calm and cool. The face and neck is included in your treatment time and cost (add the chest for £35) or, in the Intense Hydrate Face, Neck & Chest treatment, the face, neck and chest is included

Your first treatment will include an in-depth consultation and consent form to complete. We can discuss your individual skins needs and design a treatment plan which will best help your skin goals.

There’s simply no comparison to the Dermapen 4™; it’s the most advanced micro-needling device available. As the first and only digital device in the world, it combines bluetooth, dual power to offer the fastest micro-needling treatment on the planet, with no fluid back flow, no cross- contamination or drag and CE marking FDA approved.

The treatment results in the formation of collagen and elastin with improved blood circulation to the skin as well. Following the treatment the skin looks red similar to sunburn. In general, micro-needling results in thicker, healthier, more youthful looking skin with an improvement in most types of pigmentation issues.

Over the course of a full set of treatments, the body will produce new layers of skin containing higher levels of elastin and collagen.  This, in turn, improves the complexion and gives the skin a more radiant, vibrant glow.

 Results can be seen as soon as 2 weeks after the first treatment and continued improvement up to 12 months post treatment. The best, and more progressive results are achieved as follows:

  • Pigmentation- 4-6 treatments at 2 to 4 weeks apart
  • Rejuvenation- 3-6 treatments at 6 to 8 weeks apart
  • If opting for the gentler Intense Hydrate Face, Neck & Chest 45 min treatment, a course is not required but this can be repeated every 2 weeks (for a maximum of 6 sessions then have a 1 month gap), or just have it as your monthly facial or, it can actually be incorporated into any Bloom facial (add 20 mins and £110)

Side effects experienced with Dermapen will usually subside within 48 hours. They include erythema, stinging, itching and tightness of the skin.

While it is not the most relaxing of treatments, some discomfort may happen depending on how deep we choose to go (depending on the type of skin issue we are trying to improve). It must be said that this is the most comfortable automated, micro needling device on the market. It’s incredibly fast and the spring-loaded needle cartridge means the “needling part’ of the treatment is over before you know it.

Cherry will also make sure you are relaxed and can instantly adjust the needle depth if you are experiencing anything uncomfortable. Topical aesthetic is neither required or recommended by Dermapen™, firstly, because the width of the 12 micro-needles is tiny (0.1mm) along with the oscillation speed. Secondly, the 90 degree angle they enter the skin and the fact that we can change the depth on different parts of the face (eg more gentle around the eyes) means that it’s a much more comfortable micro-needling device compared to any other (the old-style DermaRollers entered the skin at 45 degree angles, which was very uncomfortable). Thirdly, applying topical anaesthetic cream actually interferes with the collagen induction mechanisms, meaning your results would be greatly reduced.

Generally there is no downtime, but you may experience facial redness/inflammation for 12-48 hours after the treatment and then dry/tightness/Petechiae 48/72 hours. Most people are able to return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment. We recommend you follow our post-care instructions (given to you at the time of your treatment) which includes applying sunscreen for a minimum of 10 days post needling. We apply a soothing, medical grade, concealing sunscreen on your skin so you can return to work straight after your service.

After your Dermapen 4™ avoid  in-salon/clinic aesthetic services such as laser/ IPL/radio frequency/peels/Dermal fillers for at least 4-6 weeks  and do not use any AHA,  Tretanoin/Retinods or topical medications in the treatment area (unless recommended by your Doctor with their knowledge of this treatment) for at least 2 weeks. Do not colour your hair/lash/brows for a min of 2 weeks and avoid spray tanning (self-tan) products for 10 days.

For a full list of Contra-indications  and post care advice please read our consent form here and our pre-treatment guide here and our post-treatment guide here.

Here’s a little timeline rough guide as to how your skin might be post-Dermapen.

  • 0-60 mins- Reddening/possible spot bleeding, pores still open.
  • Up to 24 hours- Erythema, Petechiae, minor oedema.
  • 1-2 days- Mild erythema, petechiae, reduced oedema, minor itching, dry/tight sensation.
  • 2-3 days- Reduced erythema, petechiae, dissipated oedema, reduced itching, minor skin flaking.
  • 3-4 days- Potential slight dryness.
  • 4-5 days- Full recovery with normalised function.
  • 3 weeks- Improvement in pigmentation begins.
  • 4-6 weeks- Improvements in lines, wrinkles and scaring begins.

There are some contra-indications to the treatment for example, you cannot have Dermapen if you have (but not to be limited to) the following:

  • Bacterial infections, skin cancers or solar keratoses in the area to be treated or autoimmune disorders.
  • If you are on medications such as blood thinners, Roaccutain/Isotretinoin or photosensitive medications (topical or oral) or have cardio-vascular conditions, diabetes, chronic rosacea/acne, keloid scaring or on anti-coagulants.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • To save time and to be certain you will be able to have this wonderful treatment, it’s a great idea to complete/read the Dermapen consultation form by downloading it here. This will avoid unnecessary disappointment or treatment charge on the day.

Take some time. Have a look. Be inspired.

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