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Bloom Facials


Bloom Facials


The Bloom Facial Series

All Facials are suitable for Men and Women and adapted to your individual skins needs, sensitivity and condition.

The Bloom Facials are a series of 3 bespoke facials developed by Cherry Woods incorporating the latest techniques and equipment. The most advanced of these is The Full Bloom.

Cherry uses a combination of Environ, HydroPeptide Technology, AlumierMD,  and Eminence skincare. Each facial will be adapted to suit your individual skin’s needs. Please note that a £5 consultation charge is added on your first visit.

Select from one of Cherry’s Facials below.

100 min £175

Cherry’s ultimate anti-ageing facial.

The main concept of The Full Bloom facial is to target skin and muscle ageing from multiple angles. It includes LED red light photo rejuvenation, micro current lifting and sonophoresis vitamin infusion.

There are 8 key elements to The Full Bloom Facial

  • To deliver clinically proven active ingredients deep into the skin, favouring active Vitamin A and C, Growth Factors and plant based stem cells for repairing sun damaged skin, scar tissue and pigmentation using Low frequency sound waves.

  • To kick start the skin’s metabolism, and energise skin cells using LED red light which also stimulates seroronin levels so lifts your mood too!

  • To lift facial muscles through massage and micro current toning.

  • To clear the skin through manual lymphatic drainage, deep cleaning, lactic acid peeling and pore extractions.

  • To relax neck and jaw muscles reducing facial strain and frowning.

  • To ease digestive issues through targeting key reflex points on the feet.

  • To provide specific anti-ageing nutritional and lifestyle advice as appropriate.

  • Line relaxing! If requested, you will receive an application of HydroPeptide Power lift serum which will be applied through low frequency sound waves. It contains powerful, proven Neuro inhibitors which reduce frown muscle contractions by up to 82% within 2 hours.

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Approx 75 min £130

This facial contains all the contents of The Full Bloom facial (see above) but without the LED light.

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Approx 60 min £105

This is Cherry’s core signature facial. For all skin types and conditions. Most people opt for this facial as it’s jam-packed full of everything you need in your monthly facials, from deep cleansing, exfoliation, hot towels, steam, extractions, active vitamin infusion with low frequency sound waves, Cherry’s famed lifting, lymph draining massage (and a neck and shoulder massage) plus so much more. You can really customise it by adding one or more of the below ADD-ON’s too. It’s totally pregnancy friendly, so no need to worry there!

But you can customize your Bloom facial by adding one or more of the following:

  • Add Caci Jowel lift – £20 to any of the bloom facials for that extra tight feeling on the jaw and cheeks

  • Add 25 min reflexology – £40 (add to any facial)

  • Add 10 min CACI eye lift – £17 (only added to The Bloom facial)

  • Add 15 min back massage – £30 (add to any facial)

  • Add 20 min LED Photo Rejuvenation – £45 (Or ADD 10 mins for £29.95)

  • Add Frown focus (Botox-free) Line relaxer – £23 (only add to Bloom or Bloom n lift)

  • Add Caci HydraTone Electro Wrinkle-hydrating Treatment – £15 (add to any facial)

  • Add Chest/decollete area – £23 (add to any facial)

  • Milia (White head) removal – £5 (add to any facial; up to 5 Milia removed. If longer, extra charge)

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Approx 45 min £89

A specially developed facial exclusively designed for super sporty, active men and women and in collaboration with Richmond’s Boutique exercise studio Barreworks. Developed to tackle the accelerated signs of ageing associated with you super active people to help them achieve SKIN FITNESS.
It includes:

  • Deep steam cleanse and exfoliation, plus blackhead evacuation

  • Cool Chamomile cloth

  • A cocktail infusion (using Sound Wave technology) of Vitamin C for collagen-boosting, hyaluronic acid for water boosting and growth factors for anti-inflammation and line reduction

  • 5 min muscle lifting using both micro-current and manual lifting massage techniques

  • A peptide-based line-relaxing express mask

Of course, anyone can have the Active facial, but if you are a Barreworks TRIBE member you will receive 20% off this facial so why not join now and you can get BODY FIT and SKIN FIT as well as benefiting from the many other members offers and treats.

Click here to join the Barreworks TRIBE Studio, Richmond

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Approx 40 min £79

This is essentially something a little more than ‘The Clean-up facial’ but not as extensive as the Bloom facial. It contains cleansing, steam, exfoliation and extraction plus Cherry’s special Detox, lifting facial massage to revive the skin, plus a few gentle peptide rivivers thrown in for a quick pick-me-up.

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25 min £59

Deep cleanse, exfoliate, steam, hot towels and blocked pore extractions. A cool blast of organic chamomile and specially selected moisturiser completes your express cleaning date. A perfect ‘quick-fix’ for those who don’t have the time for a full facial or as a mid-monthly treatment in between your regular facials.

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45 min £75

Whether you are going on holiday or getting married, a spotty congested back can really be a drag. We treat your back just like a regular facial, including steam, lactic acid exfoliation and extractions. Have a course of 5 treatments, carried out once a week and you should see the difference!

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InStyle Magazine makes Cherry as one of London’s top 10 Genius Facialists and says; “What this woman doesn’t know about skin, isn’t worth knowing”

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