These peptides can change your skin…

So… what are peptides?

They are short chains of amino acids (protein fragments) which can be divided up into 4 different types;

  • Signal peptides – The ability to send signals (messages) for collagen and elastin production.
  • Neurotransmitter-Inhibitor Peptides – That interfere with muscle contractions
  • Enzyme-Inhibitor Peptides – Capable of reducing collagen degradation
  • Carrier Peptides – That improve the delivery of nourishment throughout the skin

Now, what makes HydroPeptide unique is their VLR technology

VLR technology uses the correct variety of peptides at clinical  levels with continuous repetition for superior anti-aging results.

Variety – No ‘ONE’ peptide can do it all… so in this case ‘less is not more’ and just recently HydroPeptide has doubled it’s peptide content to 60 in order to treat a variety of specific skin concerns. A peptide is like a key unlocking ageless-looking skin with a unique amino acid sequence.

Levels – HydoPeptide includes the  required levels of peptides in its products in order to produce a specific result. This is similar to your mobile phone signal… the stronger the signal, the clearer the communication between cells… providing maximum results.

Repetition – HydroPeptide includes a high concentration of a variety of peptides in most of its products in order to ensure continuous feeding and rejuvenation of the skin. It is similar to eating… you must eat frequent, small meals throughout the day in order to perform optimally.