Should we crank up the SPF or allow more Vitamin D production through UVB exposure?

Did you know that such a small percentage of people die from skin cancer, where as protection from cancers related to vitamin D deficiency is far more important.

We have all talked about this; exposure to the suns UVB rays allows vitamin D to form in the body. Some experts believe you should expose at least 70% of your skin unprotected for about 10 mins a day, but one has to be sensible about getting this right.

Whilst we need to be careful not to over expose our skin to UVB rays (which will decrease your natural stores of vitamin A and cause photo damage) there are ways of allowing the rays to generate this production without applying super high sun blocks and without exposing our skins to photo damage.

The university of Geneva found that if you use retinyl palmitate at the concentration found in Environ’s AVST 4 or 5 creams you’ve got an SPF of 20 right there!

Plus, the clever advantage of this is that vitamin A not only repairs photo damaged skins, it also doesn’t block vitamin D formation in the way that conventional sunscreens do.

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