And I say,… stick to these gold rules!

  1. Choose a PH balanced, soap-free cleanser and cleanse at least once a day.
  2. If your skin is oily, congested or you have acne, you can cleanse up to three times a day but pay attention to rule number 1.
  3. I would love to tell you that there is one perfect cleanser that suits all skin needs, all year round… but this is just not true.
  4. For example, if you have been commuting on a hot, humid, sticky day, wearing full make-up… you will need to double cleanse with a milky cleanser or a rich balm and follow up with a PH-balanced wash-off cleanser… and if you arrive at the bathroom mirror on a chilled-out, make-up free Sunday, chances are your skin will be happy with just a gentle tone… and then there’s everything in between! The fact is we seem to have stopped listening to our skin and therefore don’t adapt to our skin’s needs.
  5. If your skin is fry and sensitive then over cleansing (over exfoliating, using wash cloths, cleansing brushes etc.) will disrupt the natural PH balance and lead to skin issues
  6. Take your time… stop rushing (sure we are always in a hurry) if you are not having regular facials then even more reason to use a deep, upward massage movement, with as much hand contact with the face as possible. Tiis promotes good tissue healing, blood flow, tone and ultimately gives you that glow you have been aiming for.