What are the TOP 3 tips for a bright, healthy skin which cost nothing?

People who stick to these 3 rules will have super glowing skin!
1) SLEEP MORE- It’s totally free  (unless your kids wake you!) Your skin repairs, recovers and rejuvenates when you are resting and so do those tired, aching face  muscles.
Not to mention that when your brain is rested your ability to have a more positive outlook on the day ahead improves greatly…which will help release the ‘happy hormones”
2) WATER- It’s just that simple! We need an adequate amount of water to aid digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion in the body, and anything that upsets or disrupts these functions can have a direct impact on the skin!
So hydrate the skin and drink water often…but don’t go mad, because consuming litres and litres of water is overkill (unless you live in Dubai!) Listen to your body!
3) You will laugh at this one! No, I hope you do…because number 3 is LAUGHTER!. Don’t laugh (no do!) because laughter/happiness is truly awesome for the skin.
Mums with newborn babies who are struggling a bit (I was one of them) are told to force their face into a smile as it dupes the body into releasing the happy hormones and your baby knows what a smile means!
Finding time to appreciate your good friends and finding the “funny” in every day life will help trigger your serotonin and dopamine levels, these are the chemicals in your body which lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and possibly even prolong your life! As a skin care professional, I have seen how sustained, high stress levels cause pre mature ageing…and that is no laughing matter.
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