Okay, it’s not ‘That’ kind of pillow talk!

You may be oblivious to that fact that on any given night, when you are fast asleep, your clever skin is busy restoring, repairing as well as purging out cellular matter (Ugh!), city grime and pollution and possibly the makeup you don’t quite remove the night before!

But as a lot of you are probably on a high-end anti-ageing routine (invariably encouraged by moi!, you’re welcome!) then you can double that dirt, as those on a Retinol programme alone, will have the skin cells regenerating like a ‘Hyperlapse’ insta’ post (I’ve lost you now…I mean, very FAST!) now add to the mix the chance (oh I do hope so!) that you might also be applying topical active vitamin C at 15% (to boost your collagen) then that alone will cause your Pillowcase to go orangey/brown. A real “Grime against the nation”!

The point is you need to;

  1. Change your pillowcase at least once a week.
  2. Use a non-bio detergent and push the ‘Extra rinse’ option on your washing machine.Otherwise your skin could get irritated and sensitive when pressed against all those chemicals every night.
  3. Really take your time cleansing every night and make sure you cleanse in the morning too!.
  4. Actually check your pillowcase in the morning! Oil, sweat, skincare products (like Vitamin C), and left over makeup can really discolour the pillowcase. If so, change it!.
  5. Favouring white pillowcases means it is easy to detect a night when your skin has ‘purged more’, but it also means you can bleach it and wash on a higher temperature, returning them back to their pristine white in no time!. You can’t do that with darker pillowcases.

Well that’s the pillow talk over. There is just enough time to get in to see me before Christmas, choose any facial as they are all suitable for most skins and are tweaked depending on your skin type and you sensitivities on the day of treatment.

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