When it comes to the skin, less is most definitely more!

Is your bathroom cupboard a graveyard of rancid cosmetics from impulsive spending sprees?

If it is, it’s time to de-clutter. Don’t over complicate things! When it comes to your skin, keep it simple.

Here are my rules-

  1. Know your skin type and lead your skincare choices with these in mind. Don’t let a few spots dupe you into thinking you have Acne.If you are confused about what your skin type is (and fyi, Dehydration is not a skin type) then book in to see your skin care professional who will clarify this for you.
  2. Focus on cleansing. Sure, in the 90’s we used to say ‘put your money into your moisturiser’ but after a decade of a culture that was obsessed with over-peeling the skin, now we focus on cleansing well and taking your time is key. Now as much as I would love to say there is this one magical cleanser which you can buy that will suit your everyday cleansing needs all year round until the end of days, but I can’t, it simply isn’t true. When you arrive at the bathroom mirror/sink at the end of the day (or the beginning) ask yourself “what has happened to my skin Today/Last night”?  “How does my skin feel”? For example Ladies, if it’s Summer and you have worn full makeup whilst commuting to work on a hot, sweaty train, then you may need to cleanse a few times with pre-cleansing oil followed by a Ph balanced, wash off cleanser. Conversely, if it’s a Sunday and you have been inside, wearing no makeup and not exerting yourself, then I think you could get away with a ph balanced, hydrating toner before you then follow with the rest of your skincare routine. If you over cleanse you could impair your delicate skin barrier, if you under cleanse you could cause congestion and breakouts.
  3. Never go to bed with your Makeup on! Not only  will this interfere with the repairing processes of the skin, but is likely to cause breakout in addition to messing up that lovely white pillowcase!
  4. Invest in a booster or serum. Unlike a moisturiser, this is a  product with a higher concentration of active ingredients and so the results are more speedy and targeted to specific skin concerns. Choose one that suits your seasonal skin specific needs. For example, in the Winter you may want extra hydration so look for ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and in the Summer you may want to help with pigmentation and sun damage so opt for a Vitamin C booster.
  5. Moisturiser. If you are on the market for an ‘Anti-ageing’ moisturiser, then bare in mind that in the eyes of the FDA there are only 2 approved things that are anti ageing and that’s topical Vitamin A and sunscreen. Therefore I would encourage you to have a moisturiser containing Vitamin A which is also packed full of other antioxidants to protect from free radical damage. If you can also look for cell-messaging peptides then these are all part of the army in the fight against skin ageing.
  6. Screen time! As mentioned above, sunscreen is one of two things that have been approved by the FDA as anti ageing. Choose a good, antioxidant-rich, broad spectrum sunscreen, one that you are happy to wear daily and it needs to be a separate, standalone product as it is more more effective this way.You should wear your sunblock all year round, although arguably you do not need as higher SPF in the winter months (The SPF number indicates the level of protection against the UVB rays) as unless you are heading to Winter sun, there is little UVB around, however there is still plenty of UVA damage on a bright, sunny Winters day so making sure your product has a 5 star rating (or broad spectrum) is important.In the Winter months we lose a lot of water from the skins surface due to harsh, environmental conditions and sunscreen provides an additional service serving as an external barrier, helping to seal moisture in and buffering the delicate skin from the harsh Winter weather.
  7. Hands-on.Don’t underestimate the importance of hands-on skin contact. It’s why those of us who can afford it and have the time, treat themselves to regular facials and while there is little substitute for a good facial massage in expert hands, taking your time using the soft pads of your hands and fingertips during your evening cleansing routine will increase blood circulation, improve lymph flow, relax muscle tension whilst aiding absorption of active ingredients.

That’s it! It all starts with a simple routine, one that both your skin and wallet can handle. Simplicity is no bad thing and it’s a good place to start

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