Are You Challenging Your Skincare Routine?

Are you challenging your skincare routine?

I have been a Skin Therapist for over 27 years and I have calculated that I have worked and trained with over 35 different professional skin care brands (I know, you’re going to say I don’t look old enough!)

Now, I am an ageing woman (again, I hear you gasp with disbelief) and so I demand more and ask more from what I put on my skin….I care less about the packaging (well…okay, I like that a bit) less about the smells (def’ don’t want a bad one) and more about the ‘white papers’, that’s the clinical trials that prove the ‘stuff ‘ actually works!

So, when was the last time you:

  1. Pushed and challenged your skin?
  2. Asked much more from your skincare brands and skincare professional?
  3. Saw your skin as a project or an investment just like your brand new handbag or your shiny new car?
  4. Truly allowed your skincare professional to just ‘play with your skin’ (yes I did  say that!) and go beyond the normal pre-set company protocols?
  5. Allowed your skin to experience a trial and error situation so you can allow your skincare professional scope to be progressive and develop a unique pathway for an anti-ageing skin programme unique to you?
  6. Trust in the idea that when you choose a ‘facialist’ it’s a partnership, a two way process working towards a common goal.

So? Have you?

I am so excited to have a new skincare range called AlumierMD added to my family. This is going to challenge me in a wonderful way.

If you fancy a change then here’s what to do:

  • First Book in for a bloom facial here for new clients (or existing if you are a regular)
  • Then Register with Alumier here (use my unique code=  DBD70862 The 0 is a Zero)so I can prescribe you skincare after your treatment and all can be done online including posting your products direct to you! I can update my recommendations online too and you can access your account and get what you need to your door! Whoop!

See you soon for a great journey together x